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Closed pressure filter designed for ornamental garden ponds up to a maximum volume of 10 m3.

Filtration is double-chamber, in the lower chamber are deposited filter balls, which capture coarse impurities, the upper chamber contains foam filter sponges.

Filtration has switch mode and wash and is equipped with a pollution indicator.

Possibility of placing off the bank of the pond, filtration outflow can be used on a stream or waterfall.

  • variable extensions for inlet and outlet hoses.

Using filtration with different pumps:

Recommended pump
Pond without fish
Pond with fish
3500 l/hod 3 m3 1,5 m3
4500 l/hod 6 m3 3 m3
6500 l/hod 10 m3 5 m3
Q max: 6500 l/h
Weight: 8 kg
Pond without fish: 10 m³
Pond with fish: 5 m³
Input power UV: 11 W
Inlet connection: 3/4" - 6/4"
Outlet connection: 3/4" - 6/4"
Tank volume: 12 l