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OMEGA 4-CUV 236-2x

Total pieces
31 984 Kč with VAT
26 433 Kč without VAT

Non-pressure filter with a CUV lamp with a whirling self-cleaning effect of 2x36 watts. Designed for bathing and ornamental garden ponds up to a maximum volume of 120 m3, for placing on the bank of a pond with a free flow of water from the filtration back into the water system.

Filtration is equipped with a coconut mat for the setling of heavier dirt and filter sponges that capture fine particles and microorganisms and reduce the amount of nitrate in water.

CUV lamp eliminates the growth of bacteria, microbes, fungi and algae. Included is also a common inlet and outflow plastic piping.

  • pliers for washing the filter inserts are included.
Recommended pump Pond without fish
Pond with fish
10 000 l/hod 70 m3 35 m3
15 000 l/hod 90 m3 45 m3
25 000 l/hod 120 m3 60 m3
Q max: 25000 l/h
Weight: 36 kg
Pond without fish: 120 m³
Pond with fish: 60 m³
Input power UV: 2 x 36 W
Inlet connection: 2"
Outlet connection: 63/70